{how-to} Stay on track with a life audit

Hey Snugbugs! Happy New Year’s to you. Jeff and I are spending the weekend taking stock and getting ready for the new year. Next week we’re heading south to spend some time with his mother in Daytona Beach, but right now we’re in planning...
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{organization} Love To-Do Lists? This post’s for you!

So… if you’re anything like me you probably have a smartphone, a laptop AND a tablet. I’m an Apple-girl, so I live on my iPhone 6, my iPad mini and my Macbook Pro. I’m all about online tools and apps (and a huge fan of Asana and Wunderlist.)...
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Project Wardrobe 2015… Spring Edition

Hey sewing friends! I’ve got the sewing bug in a bad, bad way! So for those of you who miss my meandering, never-finished sewing projects…. here we go again! For those of you who are new, if you enjoy sewing and witnessing another person undergoing varying...
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Hi there! We’re Patty and Jeff. This is the Three Snugbugs blog where we share cool how-to’s, new designs, clever tips, shabby furniture projects and the real deal on what it’s like running a small business in the heart of the Virginia countryside. 

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I have specs appeal.

This is a post about shopping for glasses. I am constitutionally incapable of ignoring a pun. I’m truly, truly sorry for the horrible title of this post. Really. I was powerless. Moving on. Hey kitty kats! Guess what? Not only did I go to the eye doc today, but... read more

The skirt has made it to the conceptual phase…

Alright kittens! So…. you guys are a vocal bunch when it comes to the skirt-wearing rights of the common woman! I told my boss that he had earned the disgust of the sewing blog contingent – he seemed singularly unimpressed. Just to clarify – my role... read more

Trade Show Chic…

Alright Bunnies. Today’s post is brought to you by a tragic turn of events in the great state of Texas. I have been instructed, by a boss filled with malice and singular lack of understanding of my personal style , to not only wear a POLO to an upcoming trade... read more

What is the perfect color to go with pink brick?

Morning all! As I continue to obsess about what goes INSIDE our house, Mr. Bug obsesses about the things I consider to be a bit more boring… air filters, caulking, all that sort of thing. One of our new projects has met happily right between our separate... read more

Almost done…

Morning all! I hope you had a safe and fun 4th of July – whether you were picnicking and fireworking or just regular, old Wednesday night-ing. I was so smug over the fact I managed to blog while on vacation (if one instagram photo can be considered blogging)... read more

More new (old) furniture. And I need a consult.

Hey bunnies! So! Do you have a dream? I do. I dream of a giant warehouse full of dirt-cheap, vintage and antique furniture. That nobody else knows about. And guess what I found last Friday! Yes! You guessed it! Dirt-cheap-super-awesome-furniture in a little out of the... read more

Plotting. Breakfast nook edition.

Morning rascally rabbits! I was going to do a mini sewing project last night JUST for those of you who are mourning my MIA sewing saga. Well, I was going to chop the skirt of a couple of maxi dresses because apparently moving to Texas has made me want to show off as... read more

The trouble with flat televisions

Alright folks. I’ve made the complete switch to batty house lady. I spend all of my time working, unpacking, organizing or surfing the interwebs, trolling for photos of inspirational decor. That has become my life over the last few weeks. Luckily, I’ve... read more
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