Sweet Rolls – an epic retelling

Hey Snugbugs! Happy holidays to you, and you, and you. Jeff and I had a marvelous holiday, hanging around the house, cooking and Christmas Day with family. One of our major projects was a big ‘ole mess of sweet rolls. Jeff loves orange rolls, and that was the...
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{Recipe} Ginger-Lime-Coconut Deliciousness!

Recently, Jeff and I decided to dedicate 30 days to taking care of ourselves by taking a look at what we eat every day. While there’s a million different ‘plans’ out there, we were drawn towards a simple, whole-foods approach and have been hearing a...
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{recipe} Coconut Coffee

As you may have read in our newsletter or elsewhere on our blog…Jeff and I are working together to cut grains, sugar, dairy and alcohol for 30 days (following the Whole30 approach.) One of the worst, drag-my-feet part of cutting dairy for a whole month had to do...
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Hi there! We’re Patty and Jeff. This is the Three Snugbugs blog where we share cool how-to’s, new designs, clever tips, shabby furniture projects and the real deal on what it’s like running a small business in the heart of the Virginia countryside. 

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 Chicken update: the 9 clucks are turning into very nice yard chickens. Well-behaved and nicely picturesque. They even put up with the yard lion, Biscuit, and his attempts to catch his vey own chicken. #crazychickenlady #backyardchickens #farmlife #chickensofinstagram  First tomatoes of the year!   #summerliving #summerveggies #farmlife #growingveggies #garden
 Please, sir, might I have another mealworm? #chickensofinstagram #crazychickenlady #summerliving #farmlife  Morning coffee with Biscuit and the chickens. Biscuit got pecked. He's laying low. #chickensofinstagram #crazychickenlady #catsofinstagram #gingercat


Home-made Back Pain Everything you want
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