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{trash to treasure} Shabby Chic Lamp + Vintage Trimmed Shade

Hello lovlies! This week’s project is not only fun & lovely, it’s a joint venture between my mother and me! We took a fairly boring, run of the mill thrift shop lamp and fixed it (and it’s sad, sad, shade) up into something lovely! Here’s...
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How-To Tea Stain Textiles

Last week found Jeff and I hosting my mom for her first trip to Virginia. Of course, we spent plenty of time playing tourist. As one does. One of our stops was Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, which is an amazing tour with an equally amazing gift shop. Mom was...
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7 Practical & Pretty Workspaces

Hey ya’all! The first two weeks at the shop have been awesome!! Jeff and I are meeting wonderful people and to make things even better, my mom’s coming for her first visit to Virginia this week! Now that the shop’s open, the plan is for Jeff to be...
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Hi there! We’re Patty and Jeff. This is the Three Snugbugs blog where we share cool how-to’s, new designs, clever tips, shabby furniture projects and the real deal on what it’s like running a small business in the heart of the Virginia countryside. 

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DIY Magdalena ShawlBedding from ikea &
Turn a Button-Up ShiVintage Gilded Malte


Patio Gardening Gone Wild…

Hello songbirds! Just a quick check in with a post that is neither fish nor fowl… err… fabric nor yarn… it’s ROSES!! Spring seems to have sprung in Nashville. Although, honestly, what do I know? This is my first spring here. But it’s... read more

New dresser. New puppy. New hair.

Hey y’all. I’ve clawed my way out of the oblivion of too much time spent working to check on the world of the googles and assorted interweb friends. But enough about me. Let’s talk about my new franken-dresser-craigslist find. I’ve been... read more

Sneak peek! Poker Room

Hey y’all! I finally wrangled the poker room I’ve made mention of into some semblance of order. There’s a lot still not done – the big projects are finishing & waxing the OUTSIDE of the sideboard, followed by more interior painting and... read more

Almost done…

Morning all! I hope you had a safe and fun 4th of July – whether you were picnicking and fireworking or just regular, old Wednesday night-ing. I was so smug over the fact I managed to blog while on vacation (if one instagram photo can be considered blogging)... read more

Plotting. Breakfast nook edition.

Morning rascally rabbits! I was going to do a mini sewing project last night JUST for those of you who are mourning my MIA sewing saga. Well, I was going to chop the skirt of a couple of maxi dresses because apparently moving to Texas has made me want to show off as... read more
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